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Slot Machine: Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming

It’s hard to believe, but five years ago there wasn’t much of a market for Live ‘Money Wheel’ style online casino games. A human dealer in front of a vertically rotating wheel? There were ordinary slot machines based on the Wheel of Fortune TV game show and similar shows, but this was something new. There was no way to achieve it.

Then along came Dream Catcher. This Evolution Gaming release was a game-changer when it debuted in February 2017 at the International Casino Exhibition in London. Online gamblers could now experience the thrill of a game show straight from their computer screens. In doing so, it ushered in an entirely new genre of hugely successful online casino games.

The Structure of a Dream Catcher

If you’ll pardon the pun, the Dream Catcher game centers on a vertical wheel. This colorful wheel is divided into 54 sections. Most of the segments display numerical values, but two have multipliers that can be used to produce even larger payouts.

In order to create the atmosphere of a real game show, Dream Catcher is broadcast in a bright studio with a real host. The presenters are energetic and excellent at maintaining a high level of enthusiasm during the game; however, they do vary based on when and where you play.

There’s a panel with six different colored bills, numbered 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40, at the screen’s bottom. The Dream Catcher wheel features the same colors and numbers.

The Rules of Dream Catcher

Your mission is to place a wager on the color or number that you think will be announced as the winner after the next turn of the wheel. To make a wager, players place one or more casino chips on the bill depicting their desired outcome.

After all wagers are in, the wheel is turned. Above the wheel, an arrow points to the winning area. The winning segment will be the one that, when the wheel stops, is aligned with the arrow. If you bet on a simple number segment (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40) and that segment is highlighted, your payout will be equal to the number of times your wager.

Bets are immediately resolved when one of the 52 numbered segments is highlighted. You will win if your bet was on the winning number, and lose if it was not.

Your wager will be honored and the wheel will be spun again if one of the Multiplier areas is highlighted. If your chosen number comes up, not only will you collect on your wager, but the Multiplier will increase your payout. If you wager $1 on the number 5, the x2 Multiplier appears, and the next spin also results in a 5, you will win $10 ($1 x (5 x 2)).

A Multiplier segment can appear on the Dream Catcher wheel for two or more consecutive spins. As the multiplier values accumulate, a final result would emerge. Bets put on the winning number will have their payouts multiplied by the Multiplier values that have been displayed since the bet was first made.

A sequence of Multiplier values can, as you might expect, greatly increase the value of winning wagers. The winning wager would be multiplied by 98 if you were dealt a 2x Multiplier, followed by two 7x Multipliers. If more Multipliers could be added, the final improvement may be considerably greater.

Strategy from the Dream Catcher

The only thing you need to do to have fun with Dream Catcher is to sit down and place a bet on the color or number you hope will come up. Everyone who wagers has a shot at winning any highlighted Multiplier portions. This means that if you want to increase your chances of winning large, you don’t need to make any additional wagers.

As you can see, the odds of success are highest if you concentrate on the number 1. The house edge for this wager is a very modest 4.66%. It’s true that betting on 40 increases your chances of earning the most money from a conventional spin, but you should still keep in mind that you’re only supposed to win 1.85 percent of the time. Please take into account the significantly higher house edge of 9.19% on this result.

Dream Big!

Dream Catcher’s entertainment value has not diminished since its 2017 debut. There are now more complex money wheel games available, such as Crazy Time and Monopoly Live, but many players still find the straightforward structure of Dream Catcher to be highly enticing. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already. Everyone should play this historic game at least once.






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